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About Us

The new emerging company in the Food & Beverage industry also covering the automobile sector is growing rapidly. The Ayansh group is serving their customers both in the Beverage Industry and Lubricants for automobile suitable for all high scaled vehicles. They are well-established merchandisers of Budweiser in the beverages and Blutec in lubricants.

They are dealing and serving the best to their customers and hence are constantly growing since 2015. All the products both in the lubricants or Beverages are of the best quality and meet all the standards of the industries. The lubricant industry is a well-known firm in the USA named Blutec Vanburen Industries Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Ayansh Group.

Our Vision

We visualize towards developing more drinks that people would love to have as a part of their happiness and joy. We are looking forward to making more strong relations with our customers in our industry with our amazing drink which would further be more precise and indulging. Our team works with many more flavors and will serve you with many more tastes which will make you fall in love with them. Establishing our strong firms in the beverage industry with our constant quality and customer service.


Ayansh group offers industrial as well automobile industry lubricants to their customers. Ayansh group collaboration with Blutech Vanburen Industries Pvt. Ltd, USA incorporates the best industrial lubricants according to the industry standards.The products are of high quality that increases speed and minimizes friction. All the chemical incorporations take care of all the industry standards and are specific to environmental conditions. All types of lubricants are provided by us for all sorts of vehicles. Our high-quality products serve you with the best services and provide smooth usage to your vehicle.

Budweiser is the non-alcoholic unique beer for all the customers. This drink is purely non-alcoholic with 0% alcohol content in it. The twist to this drinks that adds up to its quality is being purely non-alcoholic it flavors like a beer. A new trend to the market with this amazing new style beer with new tint and flavor for all the beer lovers